PSX Longplay [350] Space Invaders


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Hey guest, welcome to Like to see

Played by: Mad-Matt

It's ....Space invaders. This version appeared on just about every current system at the time and in fact I already recorded Gameboy Advanced version that this can be compared with.

I only recorded Expert mode this time which allows a full run of the game. Completing this mode unlocks classic space invaders and maniac mode. In Maniac mode, the game is speed up, everything is faster exept your special weapon. I showed this mode on gba, and didn't see the need to show it again as it doesn't show anything new. I do like how the ending to this game kinda sets up a sequel, or is some way of saying why you need to replay the game.

At 01:07:20 I do show off classic mode this time around, although its not all that special and compares well with the arcade original I guess.
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